Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keeping it Clean

Searching for my easy button!!! Oh there it is!!!

Seriously when does this get easier? It never gets easier you just get stronger!! I switch up my weight training every couple of weeks but don't focus so much on switching up my nutrition. Although lately My cheat meals have turned into cheat days and they are closer together than they used to be. I am switching things up a bit in what I am eating. I need to do a total overhaul and pull up my "Big Girl Panties" and take charge of my nutrition... Clean Eating for me!!

I have a GOAL.. I am writing it down, I need to be accountable!!.. I am taking the next three weeks and making an investment in myself!.. I am going to Commit to eating 100% clean for three weeks.. I am going to pack a cooler in the morning and eat from my cooler my designated snack and lunch.. I will eat a clean breakfast every morning, and prepare a clean meal for supper. Not allowing any "cheat" Meals.... I will take a photo every day of a meal , or snack and share with you what I am eating... I will also share what physical activity I have done that day or share my weight training work out... Anyway you will be seeing alot more of me around here... and hopefully I can at the end of 3 weeks trade in my "Big Girl Panties" for a smaller size!!

1 comment:

  1. 3 weeks is a great time frame to focus on I think! Good luck!


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